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Sponsorship of our tour

Our goal

You already know right now our idea, our plan. Through our job and our attitude towards life we are round the clock next to people who suffer from illness or who are healthy. We stand in for a good teamwork, for curing people to realize the meaning of humanity. Such things happen …The slogan “Pedal for Humanity” is describing on the one hand, that we want to wake up people with our trip to support humanity in this world. But on the other hand the word “pedal” stands for our passion towards sport, nature and adventure.


On the journey we will visit projects and provide support during our stay. Following Don Bosco institutions are waiting for us: Istanbul (Turkey), Kathmandu (Nepal) and finally Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Through our bike tour and with the help of social media we want to make the work of Don Bosco Mission better known, and we want to attract future supporters for them.

Campaign Street Children

We met an agreement with Don Bosco Mission Bonn, by which we finance the trip with our savings and voluntary contributions. All donations that we receive in addition, we will transfer in total to Don Bosco Mission. We attach the current financing plan at the bottom, which we will update monthly according to the expenditures and revenues.

But we are not there yet ...

In compiling our equipment we got a lot of donations from companies. Soon the project will start, and technically we are fully prepared. But we are still looking for individuals, companies and institutions which want to support us financially, even during the tour. Although we have been working hard the last two and a half years, full-time and with spare-time work to secure the financing of our project, there is still remaining a gap despite the effort.

Expenses during the tour for both of us       planned actually
(per 16.05.2017)
Running expenses: eating, accommodation, bits and bobs,
420 days (14 months)
30 € 12.600 € 13.145 €
Visa, 13 times 140 € 1.820 € 1.330 €
Travel insurance, 14 months 70 € 980 € 832 €
Special cases: repairs, transport in an emergency (maritime and air), approval Tibet, medicine ...   1.600 € 1.932 €
Flight back   2.000 € 1.668 €
Sum of expenses   19.000 € 18.907 €
Ernest   6.000 € 6.000 €
Jakob   6.000 € 6.000 €
Donations from sponsors   7.000 € 7.930 €
Assured, not yet paid donations from sponsors   0 €
Sum of funding   19.000 € 19.930 €
Excess going to Don Bosco ============>   0 € 1.023 €

Become a Sponsor!

We are really looking forward to a support, even with small money. This is our bank connection:

Account holder: Jakob Steinkuhl
IBAN: DE66370100500595922505
Intended use: Pedal for Humanity 2016

People residing in Spain have the option to support our project through "La Caixa" bank connection:

Account holder: Ernest Roig Campi
IBAN: ES4021001364050100200700
Intended use: Pedal for Humanity 2016

A thousand thanks for your support!!

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