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No child should end on the road!

Young people who live on the streets, usually experienced rejection, exclusion and mistrust. The NGO Don Bosco Street Children wants to change that! The aim is to give the children a chance to be able to develop their talents and live with dignity. In more than 130 countries around the world Don Bosco is active to provide street children new perspectives.

Worldwide, there are about 100 million street children. In India alone there are about ten million boys and girls on the street. Poverty and violence drives them into the cities. The Don Bosco institutions are important focal points. Here, the children receive a hot meal, drugs and a place to sleep. In the long run they will get opportunities for a better future by visiting a school or the completion of a vocational training.

Be the way out!

The Italian priest Giovanni Bosco sat down 150 years ago for street children in Turin. His pedagogy continues worldwide today. Support the work of Don Bosco! Let us together ensure that street children are given the chance to lead an independent and dignified life.

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