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Ernest ...

Ernest Roig Campi

Ernest was born on the 9th of June 1988 in the Barcelona, Catalonia. During his childhood and youth he spent a lot of time in the snow-covered mountains of the Pyrenees, doing adventurous ski downhill’s. His roots also led to his passion for the soccer club FC Barcelona, of whose games he doesn't miss a single one.

After having finished high school in Barcelona, Ernest studied nursing in Barcelona and Germany. Besides speaking Spanish and English fluently, he also learned to speak this exceptionally difficult language called German. Several journeys to South America and Africa explain his love for foreign cultures, adventures, and the joy to travel.

Early in 2015, Ernest and I cycled from Bonn to Paris which was actually our first big trip - around 600 km - and a much bigger one is yet to come ;)

In the last few years that we were spending together, I really learned to appreciate his unbreakable optimism and motivation. Our strong friendship made this bike trip become real and will definitely make our dream come true.



Jakob in action during desert trekking

Jakob Steinkuhl

Jakob was born on November 12th 1991. Ever since he was a little kid, he held a passion for nature and adventures that his parents gave to him. During his childhood, he felt driven to discover, letting imagination be motivation. Now that same kid has grown up but his adventurous personality remains. Thoughts of kayaking Canada or crossing Africa by bicycle are still constantly in mind.

Jakob had always wanted to be a pilot, like his father, although after graduating from high school he spent a year helping “less fortunate” children in Timor East, Indonesia External link, through the organization Don Bosco. There, he discovered the importance of helping people in need, and then decided he would become a doctor. Following this ambition, he began to pursue nursing… and three years later, he became a nurse. At this moment of his life, before chasing this dream further, Jakob has decided to start a new adventure with Ernest, knowing that this experience will leave deep prints in his path: we are talking about the experience of riding from Cologne, Germany, to far-away Vietnam, by bicycle.

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