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Our trip is going to lead us through a lot of different countries before we reach Vietnam.

On 10th of April at 10:30 AM we will start leaving from Cologne Cathedral around midday. In the first few weeks we will leave Germany over the south eastern side towards Austria to reach Slovenia after crossing the Alps.

On tour …Cycling through Nothern Italy towards Croatia and the coast of the Adria we will follow the coast line, crossing Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and afterwards Greece.

Slowly but surely we will come close to the far eastern borders of Europe, and passing Istanbul we will follow the coastline of the Black Sea in an eastern direction to get over the border to Georgia.

In Georgia we will have to analyse the actual political issues to decide which of the following options we would take. The first option: pedal through Azerbaijan, take a boat in Baku to cross the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan. The second option: cycling through Azerbaijan to the borders of Iran and then reaching Turkmenistan over the land way.

A quick glance at the map ...Crossing Turkmenistan in a north eastern direction we will reach Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to stand then in front of the Chinese borders.

Because all of the border crossings between China and India are closed, we will have to continue further to Tibet.

After leaving Kathmandu in Nepal we will hold our sunburned noses in south eastern direction, crossing Northeast-India in order to get over the border to Myanmar. Finally entering South-East Asia we will -proofed by desert and the Himalaya- cycle through Thailand and Cambodia to hopefully reach then the country of our dreams, Vietnam.

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