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Germany   December 31st 2015, Bonn, Germany
Training Report: through the Eifel to Trier

Three months left to our trip to Vietnam. We keep on working on all the preparation for this project. Amongst all the items on the checklist, having a good physical condition is one of the most important ones to achieve our goal.

From December 11th until 13th we decided to go on a three-day trip from Bonn to Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany. The trail required good physical effort, since we passed through the area of the Eifel Mountains and we made it up to Nürburg, one of the highest of the territory (600 m) which also gave name to the Formula 1 circuit of Nürburgring.

The journey was short and had a medium level of difficulty but it was good enough to make us be well aware of all the needs and hazards we may encounter once we are on the road for Vietnam. Having a deeper knowledge of our bicycles and testing all our equipment are vital practices in order to ensure a prompt and efficient reaction to any unexpected situation that may arise during our trip.

From this little 150k passage we got some good conclusions: learning how to face bad weather with a smile, when unfortunate forecast accompanies from beginning through the very end. In these cases, a strong positive mentality is as important as physical shape, if not even more important.

After this tiny excursion, our motivation keeps growing and we can't wait to start the most challenging expedition we will ever have been facing. We truly appreciate all your support and cooperation that will contribute on making this trip one of the most crucial experiences of our lives until now. Thank you!

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Olga writes:

January 22nd 2016, 00:36

Dass euer Wille & eure Motivation wächst, ist ein sehr, sehr gutes Zeichen. Ihr schafft das!Step by Step. Oder kann man hier Pedale für Pedale sagen ;-)
Ich werde für euch beten

Williambymn writes:

May 20th 2016, 17:08

A big thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool. Brewington

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