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Since our journey is approximately 12 to 15,000 km long and passes countries, whose location isn't known by everyone, we collected the following maps for you to check out our route. (Beware of differring scales!)


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From km To Country Current location
to here
day of arrival
to here
Cologne14545Vũng Tàu / South China SeaVietnam030.04.2017145450

Small Tour Statistics


Since start of tour:
Number of days386
Number of days in the saddle215
Number of countries18
Kilometers per calendar day38
Kilometers per day in the saddle68
Running expenses per day [Euro]34

Number of calendar days to Vũng Tàu / South China Sea0
Day of arrival at Vũng Tàu / South China Sea30.04.2017
Day of arrival in Germany (EY29, Düsseldorf, 14:10)20.05.2017
Other running expenses until departure from Saigon [Euro]-
Value of encounters and new friendshipsinvaluable

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